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Wishing You A Lucky, Prosperous And Happy Chinese New Year!

January 23, 2012 starts the Chinese New Year – the year of the Water Dragon. The water dragon, in Chinese mythology, brings a willingness to take risks, easier access to money, and the need for good counsel.

At Doo Consulting, we’d like to share with you a few resources that are likely to make 2012 an even greener year than 2011: – What To Do With Your Leftover Green(s)

The Water Dragon’s abundance may come from unexpected places in 2012.

Enter, an intriguing choice for the gardener. is a non-profit effort to share excess greens – and produce of every kind – with those in need in our communities. It’s a “matching” service that brings together the overwhelmed gardener with the hungry family. At their website, you can sign up to start a Food Pool in your community, participate in an active group, or spread the word to needy families in your town or city.


At Doo Consulting, we raise a variety of vegetables and fruits in a 16′ x 60′ plot by our Towson office. Many of our neighbors do the same. When the zucchini is in, we can’t give it away! Even with canning, a big freezer, a produce-rich diet, and sharing with neighbors, we still can hardly keep up. What to do?

FoodPool came to our attention last year and we hope to coordinate a group on Piccadilly Road in 2012! You can get involved in your area, too.

For more information, please visit:

Savenia Labs – Green Savings Energy Star Misses

You may be surprised to know what your toaster oven or coffee pot costs you over its lifetime. Whether you bought the least or most expensive  appliance on the shelf at the local hardware store, there’s just no way to know how much energy is needed to operate it. Until now.

A peer of ours at the Bethesda Green Business Incubator in Bethesda, Maryland, is changing all that. The Year of The Dragon is a good time for pioneers. We predict that, in 2012, you’ll hear more in the news about Savenia Labs.

Savenia Labs is a new independent testing laboratory that provides lab-tested energy and environmental impact ratings on popular appliances. Savenia Labs is bringing crucial cost-of-operation information to the energy-conscious customer.

We believe the tracking of Savenia Labs certified small appliances within a project could contribute to LEED credits.

For more information, go to Savenia Labs’ website:

Enterprise Green Communities Carbon Offset Fund – The Green Building Carbon Fund

The Enterprise Green Communities Offset Fund offers an opportunity for organizations, individuals, and events to offset their carbon emissions by helping create carbon-reducing homes for low-income families.

Through the Fund, Enterprise Community Partners, a national nonprofit, raises and deploys contributions to enable community-based groups to create homes for low-income people, homes that generate lower carbon emissions by being more energy efficient and using renewable energy. All contributions to the Fund are also tax deductible.

Last year, for the Brickstainable building industry competition, Doo Consulting selected the Enterprise Community Partners Carbon Offset Fund to offset the emissions from its awards program.  While some carbon offset programs plant trees in distant lands, Enterprise helps local families in need, right here in the US. Expect to hear more about Enterprise Green Communities Carbon Offset Fund in 2012.

Consider using Enterprise Green Communities Carbon Offset Fund to green your next project or event. Find out more at their website:

To Your Abundant 2012!

The team at Doo Consulting looks forward to helping your green building and sustainability projects to harness the exuberant spirit of the Water Dragon in 2012.