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Recapping COP26 2021

In our previous blog, we discussed the origins of COP26, who is involved in this year’s climate conference, and what is at stake if these call for actions continue to go unanswered. The event was highly anticipated due to last year’s delay, which was caused by the coronavirus pandemic. As in previous years, many individuals addressed the urgency of the climate crisis and explained how we must act now before it is too late. However, some argue that we are already on the cusp of that threshold and our leaders aren’t doing enough. Now that the event has concluded, we will go over the most significant takeaways.

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COP26 Explained: An Urgent Call for Climate Action

Lately, you might be hearing a great deal about COP26 in the news. How might this affect your family, your job or your business? On an international level, countries and organizations are coming together to address the impact of global warming on communities and livelihoods around the world. COP26 plays a major role in bringing nations together to discuss and plan for a brighter future. But what does that mean exactly? You might be wondering if this something you need to be conscious of in your daily life. The answer is: yes! Here, we have provided a basic guide to COP26 to help you understand the gravity of this momentous occasion.

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