Health & Wellness continue to be Doo Consulting focus

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Lorraine Doo received her Fitwel Ambassador credential last month. Lorraine loves the Fitwel program, and found that the program’s features and strategies resonated with her for existing buildings in particular, where occupants can gain so much benefit, and be engaged in the whole process. It is part of the evolution of a mindset change that has been underway, and this has been a missing piece. Thank you General Services Administration (GSA) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC)!!

Lorraine also enjoyed learning the WELL standard and maintaining that accreditation is a commitment and priority.  We would be happy to help anyone try to achieve that certification, which is a monumental commitment to be sure.

“The Fitwel program is such a beautiful synergy of the focus on occupant health, owner priorities and the building components, without the fear of cost and prescriptiveness. It is designed that way. The features and requirements are appropriate, scientific, practical and affordable. It’s a logical win-win-win in every way.” Lorraine is clearly excited about being a Fitwel ambassador, and eager to help interested people understand how it works and how to achieve it – in their own building or one they are designing or managing for someone else. It’s not that it is “too easy, it requires effort and change… but it is absolutely doable.”  The occupants benefit in a variety of ways as do the owners. It brings long-term benefits to everyone, in a reasonable time frame, and affordably.

Peter DooHealth & Wellness continue to be Doo Consulting focus