Living Heroes from Doo's crew receive Medals

Living Heroes from Doo’s crew receive Medals!

Living Building Challenge Heroes!

Peter and Lorraine Doo were both honored at the 2016 “unconference” of the Living Future Institute as Living Building Challenge Heroes ( for their efforts in inspiring change in the way buildings are designed, built and operated. Their work on the Gaddy House in Maryland and the Charlotte Lovejoy Conservation Residence Hall in Florida,  both Living Building Challenge projects, have been opportunities to assist in exploring and finding creative solutions as these projects pursue Living Building Challenge certification.

Both are Living Building Challenge Ambassadors, giving presentations and workshops on the Living Building Challenge and participating in Living Building Challenge activities such as the 2015 DC Affordable Living Design Competition.

Lorraine launched the B’more Living Building Challenge Collaborative and was named as one of the first representatives of the International Living Future Institute East Coast Congress. The Congress’s across the country will work with local policy makers and industry representatives to identify opportunities for regulatory changes to mitigate barriers for Living Buildings.

Peter recently facilitated a Living Building Challenge workshop at the Parks and People Foundation hosted by the USGBC Maryland and the B’more Living Building Challenge Collaborative. If you’d like to learn more about Living Buildings, give us a call.


Doo working on McHenry Row Phase 2

Mchenry Row courtesy of Lessard Architects

Doo Consulting is pleased to be providing LEED certification and consulting services with the team working on 28 Walker Development on the second phase of McHenry Row. (