NEW LEED v4 Accreditations at Doo Consulting

NEW LEED v4 Accreditations at Doo Consulting

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LEED v4 for Homes

4/4/17.  Doo Consulting congratulates Rebecca Gullott, Mudhar AlDurra and Peter Doo for adding new LEED v4 accreditations to their portfolio. “Having diverse accreditations benefits our clients because the US Green Building Council (USGBC) now requires LEED consultants to be accredited under the rating system for which a building is to be certified,” said Peter Doo, President of DooConsulting.

Rebecca achieved her LEED Building Design and Construction (BD+C) accreditation, Mudhar AlDurra achieved accreditation under LEED for Homes, and Peter Doo achieved his latest accreditation under  Interior Design and Construction (ID+C). All accreditations are under LEED v4, the current version of LEED adopted by USGBC.

Difference between LEED 2009 and LEED v4:

LEED v4 is a more rigorous standard than LEED 2009, and in October 2016, the USGBC ceased registering new projects under the LEED 2009 standard. Newly registering buildings must use LEED v4 as the rating system.  One difference in LEED v4 is its emphasis on measurement as the preferred means to demonstrate conformance. Additionally, the Materials Credits focus on a Read more