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Doo Consulting offsets carbon from 2nd Annual BrickStainable Awards program

On March 31, 2011, Potomac Valley Brick (PVB) hosted its Second Annual BrickStainable Awards program. As in the first year’s event in March 2010, winners were flown to Washington, DC, from their home cities and countries to participate in the awards celebration. The day-long event for the winners included a round table discussion of the selected designs with the winners, representatives of the competition jury and this year’s keynote speaker, Alan Short.
For the purpose of estimating the carbon impact, PVB calculated the carbon consequences of all flights for winners and guests, hotel stays based upon the block reservation, preparation of the awards dinner and use of the National Building Museum for the evening. Transportation of local guests to and from the awards venue has been estimated at twenty-five miles per attendee. This estimate is averaged from those who will walk or take transit from locations within the City and those who may be driving from distances farther away. Based upon an estimated attendance of 200, the carbon consequence of the Second Annual BrickStainable Awards program is calculated to be 24 tons of carbon.

As a supporter of BrickStainable, Doo Consulting LLC purchased the carbon offsets for the awards program. These were purchased from the Enterprise Green Communities Carbon Offset Fund.

Enterprise’s Green Communities Offset Fund offers the opportunity to offset carbon emissions caused by conferences or meetings by helping low-income families live in green affordable homes. As a building industry competition, BrickStainable sought to find an industry related offset fund. Supporting the creation of green communities and the construction of green affordable housing is consistent with the mission of BrickStainable and its sponsors.
Individuals can offset carbon emissions caused by your corporation or organization, or you and your family’s daily activities through this fund as well. To learn more, visit the Enterprise Carbon Calculator site at