National Bike to Work Week

Celebrate National Bike to Work Week!

May is National Bike Month, and the most exciting week in the celebration is National Bike to Work Week! This annual week culminates in Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 17th. Whether you’re riding your bike to work or school, or riding just to save money and time, the impact that you are making is powerful.

How Many Cyclists Commute to Work?

Throughout the country, more people are donning a helmet in the morning to bike to work than ever before. The number of trips made by bicycle doubled in the United States in the 8-year period from 2001-2009, and in bike-friendly communities, the number of workers commuting via bicycle increased 105% from 2000 to 2013. 

National Bike to Work Week Helps the World

40% of all trips in the United States are less than two miles, which makes bicycles a convenient and inexpensive way to get where you’re going without using fossil fuels. The transportation sector is currently responsible for over 70% of all United States petroleum use, and biking is a great way to radically lower that percentage. Increasing the mode share of all trips made by riding a bicycle or walking from just 12% to 15% would lead to fuel savings of a whopping 3.8 billion gallons a year and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 33 million tons! That would be the equivalent of taking 19 million traditional cars off the road and replacing them with hybrid vehicles. 

The Benefits of Commuting to Work on a Bike

Biking to work is an awesome way to sneak more exercise into your day. While the amount of exercise you get will vary based on how fast you go and the topography of the area, you can expect to burn as many calories as you would while jogging without the negative impact on your joints. 

Celebrating National Bike to Work Week by saving some money! In 2015, the average American household spent $1,962 on gasoline, which was the lowest amount since 2009! Once you add in the costs of maintenance, insurance, repairs and parking, the average cost of ownership for a standard sedan climbs to $9,000. A brand new commuter bike weighs in between $250-$1,500 and, at most, has an average cost of ownership for the first year of $1,950. Once you own the bike, the yearly cost could go down to $0. 

Join Us on National Bike to Work Day!

On Friday, May 17, 2019, the entire country will be celebrating National Bike to Work Day. If you are communting in the Washington, D.C. metro area, you can also participate in additional festivities hosted by Commuter Connections and the Washington Area Bicyclist Association by registering here. If you are commuting in Maryland, you can take part in dozens of activities throughout the state by registering here.

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