Green Schools with Doo Consulting

Back to ‘Green’ School

When students return to Baltimore City Public Schools this fall, many of them will be entering modernized school buildings designed with Green Building techniques in mind. Through the 21st Century School Buildings Program, 5 new school buildings are greeting students this fall, with a total of 28 expected over the course of the program.

New Green Schools in Baltimore City Public Schools

The 5 buildings welcoming students this fall include Pimlico Elementary & Middle School, Arundel Elementary & Middle School, Cherry Hill Elementary & Middle School, Forest Park High School and the Robert Poole Building, home to the Academy for College and Career Exploration and Independence High.

These schools are being opened just in time, as last winter about half of the district’s schools had heating issues or burst pipes. These new engaging spaces include technology labs, art studios and media rooms where students can learn and flourish.

Safe for Students

Another motivation behind the new school initiative was updating the weathered infrastructure supporting the schools. The new buildings have advanced water filtration systems so that students can drink from fountains without worrying about the high levels of lead in the water that prevented use of the fountains previously.

Maryland Green Schools Award

Many of these schools are also expected to receive the Maryland Green Schools Award from the Maryland Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education (MAEOE). The Maryland Green Schools Award Program is designed to recognize schools dedicated to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. The schools who participate in the program demonstrate environmental leadership to increase awareness about the importance of a green future.

Major Changes from the 21st Century School Buildings Program

This innovative program seeks to create inspiring learning environments that are filled with clean air and natural light, have excellent acoustics, are temperature-controlled and have plenty of outdoor activity space, all while responsibly using resources, especially energy and water. All new and renovated schools in Baltimore City are required to achieve the Silver level of certification of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) standard for schools. Many have achieved a Gold certification. Throughout the City, 21st Century schools are encouraged to:

  • Create physical environments that support teaching and learning
  • Achieve LEED® certification
  • Demonstrate good environmental stewardship
  • Support environmental literacy
  • Create outdoor educational opportunities on school grounds
  • Encourage responsible transportation
  • Foster a healthy school environment
  • Build and strengthen community partnerships
  • Serve and educate students about healthy food
  • Support Career and Technology Education (CTE) Pathways

Green School Consulting from Doo Consulting

Doo Consulting offers a comprehensive range of green school and green building design services as part of our commitment to advancing sustainable Green Building practices across industries. If you are interested in learning more about the relationship between buildings and health, please contact us using the form below or by calling (443) 653-3792 .