1,000 Cities in 2040

All About the 1,000 Cities in 2040 Initiative

A bold new initiative is aiming to recruit 1,000 cities around the world to cease fossil fuel use and utilize 100% renewable energy by 2040. The 1,000 Cities in 2040 project wants to encourage cities to exceed the benchmarks set by the Paris Agreement by harnessing the power of citizens petitioning elected officials.

The 1,000 Cities in 2040 Project

This inspiring effort encourages citizens to sign an online petition to city leaders to stop the use of fossil fuels and commit to using renewable energy sources. Pathway to Paris, the overarching non-profit, connects artists, musicians, activists, academics, innovators, scientists and mayors around the central goal of combating climate change through unified action. Through the central program, there are resources to evaluate city plans, learn more about Green Building, understand environmental benchmarks and keep a list of cities who are working towards meeting the goals of the 1,000 Cities in 2040 mission. On an annual basis, there will be recognition of the cities working toward the target at a special concert.

What Cities Are Participating?

The list of cities participating in the 1,000 Cities by 2040 project is growing every year. Some of the highest-profile locales involved include:

  • Seattle
  • London
  • Halifax
  • Calgary
  • San Francisco
  • Vancouver
  • Edmonton

Aggressive Changes Already in Progress

Beyond the 1,000 Cities in 2040 project, there are many other cities taking aggressive steps to limit fossil fuel use. 12 major cities, including London, have pledged to remove fossil fuels from the streets by 2030. A whopping 33% of greenhouse gas emissions from C40 cities come as a result of traffic and transportation, and the cars and buses lining the roads are the main culprits. Starting in 2025, participating cities will only purchase zero-emissions buses. In 2030, cities will have a significant portion of the city designated as a zero emissions area. London is leading the way with new public transportation options, radical measures to clean up the existing bus fleet and creating new bicycle lanes throughout the city.

Green Building initiatives are also taking aim at the impacts that traditional commercial buildings have on the environment. Buildings account for a whopping 39% of all primary energy consumption and 72% of all domestically-consumed energy in the United States. Electricity is a huge contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, and by following efficiency standards and established Green Building techniques, the cities of tomorrow will be more sustainable from the ground up.

A Greener Future with Doo Consulting

Doo Consulting offers a comprehensive range of green building design services as part of our commitment to advancing sustainable Green Building practices across industries. We look forward to working with cities throughout the area to achieve a sustainable future through Green Building practices. If you are interested in learning more about sustainability and building practices, please contact us using the form below or by calling (443) 653-3792.